Satellite Tracking System Equipment

We have partnered with a top tier Iridium Satellite provider for the communications platform for Prometheus’ Shield, as they are a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking systems and two-way communication for remote private, commercial, and government fleets worldwide.  Incorporating the power of the Iridium Satellite Network and the superior tracking hardware from Blue Sky with our proprietary cloud-based program applications,

The Incident Command Support Center Display is the first of its kind, anywhere.

The Incident Command Support Center display consists of a sophisticated, ultra high-definition, large format, touch-screen monitor with collaboration applications for video conferencing, white boarding, and multi-agency interactive planning.   Digital pens allow on-screen full-color annotations and markups for suppression tactics, Division/Group assignments, incident objectives, escape routes, and trigger points.  Fire management plans can be drawn directly on-screen, with the current fire perimeter and the GPS position reports of personnel and equipment superimposed onto the image.  Prometheus’ Shield uses advanced engineered solutions like dual-mode (GSM-Iridium) devices to create the most comprehensive monitoring and tracking service for emergency responders available anywhere.  The Incident Command Support Center is the operational heart for seeing and managing all these remote devices.  SkyRouter’s secure cloud-based services offer customers superb control and the comfort of exceptional reliability.



HawkEye Equipment Tracker HE7200


A true multi-national GNSS receiver plus Iridium give the HawkEye 7200 a definitive edge in TTFF (time to first fix) and positioning accuracy. A built-in GNSS chip tracks GPS / GLONASS / GNSS satellites and multiple SBAS systems simultaneously to generate the fastest, most accurate position reports in the industry. With the HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) nearby, you can connect your iPad or iPhone using the built-in Bluetooth capability and send messages or forms like EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) flight plans, vehicle logs, trip reports, safety reports, etc. It makes communicating faster and easier using your preferred mobile device. The HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) includes a long-life lithium battery (up to 1200 positioning reports), a built-in dual Iridium/GNSS antenna, wireless Bluetooth, and the power of the Iridium Satellite Network.

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